Amorphic: Public Sculpture Galway, Ireland

'Amorphic' Bronze Sculpture Galway (4m x 2.7m x 2.7m)

Phil was commisioned by Paul Dillon Architects in Galway to create this public sculpture in bronze. He produced it in Co.Leitrim, Ireland.

‘It was a great experience to be working alongside the architect and a real challenge to consider how the sculpture would sit within it’s environment.  Two weeks before we had planned to start work on the piece we got word that the foundry that we had booked wasn’t ready so we had to do a bit of a MacGyver on it and build our own. Working alongside Simon Carman and with months of hard graft we got there in the end and were very pleased with the result…there was a real sense of satisfaction to have the sculpture included in a book of Irish Sculpture By the Way: A Selection of Public Art in Ireland by Ann Lane. Keep an eye out for it next time your passing through Galway.’

Phil and Simon pouring bronze at the DIY foundry

Sculpture in situ in front of Dillon Architects new build


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