No Worst There Is None: The Stomach Box

photos by Hugh O'Conor

Phil also designs for theatre company and live art group, The Stomach Box, which he co-founded with Dylan Tighe and Sean Óg. They took the top prize of Best Production at The Irish Times Theatre Awards in 2010 for their show No Worst There Is None.  Genevieve was commissioned to create a film by The Stomach Box of the show at Newman House, Dublin.

No Worst There Is None from Sean Mac Erlaine on Vimeo.

“One of the strangest and most beautiful shows of the Dublin Theatre Festival”
– Colm Toibín, New York Review of Books Blog

“Really stunning, fantastic”
– Lynne Parker on Arts News, Lyric FM

“Powerful… impressive”
– Irish Independent

“Impressively accomplished”
– Irish theatre magazine

“A combination of walking tour, performance art, literary archaeology and audio-visual installation, this was a smart, sensitive and impeccably crafted piece of site- specific theatre…brave and new, and very, very good.”
– Irish Independent

“Absorbing, unsettling…fascinating”
– Irish Times

– The Examiner


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