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Designersblock 2011


As part of London Design Week we visited the Designersblock at the wonderful Farmiloe Building in Clerkenwell.

Highlights from the displays included JAIL MAKE’s reseeding brick (see above).The brick is a witty project bringing greeness to the city by inspiring people to become ‘arbortectural’ growers. Each brick has been loaded with seeds which will grow once the brick is positioned outside. We’re not sure what we’ll do with our brick yet but we’ll be sure to keep you posted!!

The Brick machine in action

For more info visit


Another winning design at Designersblock came from Edward Taylor with his ‘Show-Off’ clothing storage unit which has a very useful clothes hanger. Function and style? What more could a you want?!

For more info have a look at the designers website Edward Taylor

Ed’s Shed

As part of Open House London 2011 we visited Ed’s Shed, which is just around the corner from us on DeBeauvoir Road. It’s a really beautiful home which fits surprisingly well into the surrounding area, which is made up of predominantly Victorian structures. For me the most interesting part of the building was the small glassless windows which are dotted around the north and south walls. Like little hatches they allow peeks of the neighbouring buildings without intruding on the neighbours privacy.

To complement these hatches the east and west walls are filled with large windows which serve to frame the views of the foliage in the garden as well as allowing buckets of light to stream into the building.

Full marks to the architects Adjaye Associates for creating this unique building and thanks to Ed Reeve for welcoming us into his home. For more details visit