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Donegal Cottage

This beautiful cottage is hidden away in a place called Edergole just outside Ardara in Co.Donegal. The path up to it is straight out of a fairytale and on entering the living room through the half door at the front you enter into a uniquely Irish dwelling with very low ceilings and stone floors. The cottage has been lovingly restored and sympathetically extended at the rear by its owner Helen McHugh.


The cottage is full of beautiful art and design pieces collected over the years. There is a wonderful spirit at work here with the collection ranging from old lace, old lasts and farmyard tools to Middle Eastern objet d’arts.



The cosy livingroom leads to a bright bathroom with beautiful black and white tiles.

This iron bed sits perfectly with the beautiful fireplace.

The Eastern influence is clear in this mosaic mirror.


This corridor(see above) serves as a walkway from the old cottage to the new extension.

But what is the great achievement at this remarkable building is how well the new extension sits with the old structure. Faced with the task of enlarging the space to suit modern living (not to mention modern stature!) the owner has added on a delightful kitchen/livingroom at the back. As a nod to the dwellings history however she has included many beautiful pieces such as the stained glass window salvaged from a local church as well as re-using some of the original windows ensuring the home doesn’t lose its integrity.


A stained glass piece and Victorian portrait sit comfortably beside this wood burner

Old meets new with excellent use of iron windows with more modern feature furniture


The country cottage is complete with eclectic chair choices and all is stunningly lit by natural light through the new skylight.